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  Determine where you want your ad to appear. There are two ad locations to choose from: Category Page [A] and Keyword Search Page [B].


Select the categories in which you wish to post your text or banner ad and that you feel are most relevant to your business needs [C]. There are 20 categories to choose from in both the Cateogory Page and the Keyword Search Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is a cateogry page and how do I navigate to a specific category?
A The categories are a defined collection of items with a common attribute. The categories are listed on the top navigation for easy access. View example
Q What is a keyword search page and how do I navigate to it?
A Keyword search allows a user to quickly find items on our site. Type in a key word or words and click "go". The search results page will display items with the keywords in the item's title or description.
View example


  Make your best offer for each category chosen for your 30 day ad space. The ads from the 30 highest offers will be rendered into 30 reserved spot ad space. These 30 ads are presented in order by price, starting with the ad with the highest bid price and time posted. Ads with bids not in the top 30 are randomly generated and are displayed in the 10 slots below the reserved spots at each page refresh. Your ad's position will adjust in accordance with the posting and expiration of other people's ads.

To place your bid, review the price shown for the current highest listed bids. Determine how much you want to bid for each category. Currently you can have your ad posted at an introductory price of $1. Let's look at some examples. Point [D], illustrates a bid price that will put the ad at the first reserved position upon submition for this category. The offer price at point [E] will put this ad at position 4, after the ad with the same price bid from someone with a earlier posting. At point [F], the offered bid is not in the top 30 bids. The ad will be randomly generated among other ads in this category and displayed in the lower 10 ad spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I know exactly at which position my ad is rendered?
A When submit your payment at final review (see Step 3), we inform you approximately your position at that moment in comparison with other posted ads in that category. Depending on new postings and expirations, you ad's position will change. Higher offers will lower your position, but ad expirations may elevate it. There is an account management section ("My Account") for you to review the current standings of your ads.
Q Can I increase my offer price if I see my ad is appearing too low on the ad space hierarchy?
A Your offered bid is locked for the 30-days. If you are interested in having your ad in a higher spot, we encourage you to make a brand new offer. There is no limit on how many ads you can post!


  Final procedure in posting your ad is review your aproximated ad position and grand total [G] for all of your ad offers. Because this advertising system is dynamic, the ad position in the final review is not guaranteed. If another advertiser submits a higher or equal bid during the time you execute the final submission step, your ad position will be adjusted accordingly.

Provide billing address [H] and credit card information [I].

Select ad type [J] and and enter a valid URL of your website [K] in which the user will visit upon clicking your text or banner ad.

Provide your text [L1] or banner [L2] ad information and submit. If you choose to upload banner ad, your banner image must be in dimensions of 120 pixels wide by 60 pixels high and no larger than 50K. Your banner can be either GIF or JPG image format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are the credit card transactions secure?
A At we submit sensitive informaiton using Secure Socket Layer protocol which includes strong encryption to protect your credit card information.
Q Why does my banner look distorted and jagged?
A We render the banners in 120 pixels x 60 pixels (w x h). If you have uploaded a banner not in these dimensions, we proportionally scale your ad closest to 120 x 60. Requests to resubmit your banner can be made by contacting us at


Ad Output  

Text or banner ads for the selected ad locations (Category or Keyword Search pages) can be found on the right side of those pages. Each section is labelled clearly. Ads in the top section are reserved spots, which are ads from the top 30 highest offered bids.

The randomly-generated ads section is labelled for the bottom 10 spots. Ads not qualified for the top 30 spots in a given category are randomly drawn for the last 10 spots. The ad positions are re-calculated, and re-selected at random upon each page refresh/ load.


Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Banner Output


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